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Anne N Buffington [www.fattycatties@yahoo.com] (29.10.2003):
I have had the pleasure of seeing you at the World Championships in Washington, DC and Skate America in Reading, PA. I marvel at your skill ... you keep getting better and better. I also was able to see your practice sessions and could not help but notice how aware you are of other skaters. You both are so courteous and considerate that it puts a lump in my throat. I thought you should have won Skate America ... you were by far the best there. I hope to see you skate for many many more years to come ... you are a joy.
Stas (27.10.2003):
I have been a fan of your skating since you won your first European Championships back in 1999. I finally saw you skate live in the long program and exhibition at Skate America this weekend, which was wonderful. I went with my friend who is also a huge fan, and for the long program we sat behind the K&C waving Russian flags and cheering (if you happen to read this site maybe you will remember that). The teddy bear Masha held in the K&C is from her 🙂 I thought you skated your best in years and I hope that the judging is less suspicious in your later events this year. You really did a beautiful job, and congratulations for pushing yourselves with your new program! It seems very popular already!
Richard Landis (26.10.2003):
Maria and Alexei, It was a true pleasure to watch you at Skate America. My entire family enjoyed your performance. My 7 year old daughter got your autographs in the program and had the program stolen on sunday. She is very upset...devastated. I was hoping that you could send another autograph (let me know what it would cost). Much thanks in advance, Sincerely Richard Landis 17813 Fair Lady Way Germantown, MD 20874
сисси (26.10.2003):
привет рeбята, пасдрабляю с 2 место в кубке америке!!! пака сисси
Margaret Chun (11.10.2003):
Hello Masha and Alexei: My name is Margaret Chung and I have been a loyal fan of yours for a number of years. I met you personally at the 2001 World Championships in Vancouver where I was working as a volunteer for the championship. I am going to St. Petersburg to study at the Saint Petersburg State University as an exchange student in December. I will be there for 10 month, do you think there is a chance that we can meet together again in Saint Petersburg? I have a photo of all three of us together and I would like to give you a copy of it! Best Wishes, Margaret
Katherine (22.09.2003):
Привет, Маша и Алексей! Я просто хочу выразить вам, как и всем нашим спортсменам-фигуристам, благодарность за ваше катание. Люблю фигурное катание до безумия. Вы идеальны в каждых поддержке, тодесе, прыжке, вращении. Катя. Отдельное спасибо - за шоу в Ярославле
Linda (13.08.2003):
Hallo Maria and Alexei! Your programs are very good! You are the best of me!! Linda
я (17.05.2003):
ВЫ ЛУЧШИЕ! ЛУЧШИЕ! ЛУЧШИЕ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! вы когда-нибудь читаете свою гостевуху?????
Lexx (17.05.2003):
can u tell me - are you married? are u going to have a children soon?
lorena pinedo (27.04.2003):
maria petrova: Hi! I'm from Mexico City, I admire you a lot, I practice rythmic gymnastics . My teacher , Angelica Perez met you years ago at Cuba. She would love to keep in touch with you. She has a picture where you were about 12 years old, I would like to send it to you later. Lorena
Linn (17.04.2003):
Dear Alexei and Maria! Happy Easter!! love from Linn
Therese (10.04.2003):
Phenomenal job on your site!
Linn (06.04.2003):
Congratulations!!!! 🙂 lots of love Linn
Марина, Поля и Наташка (30.03.2003):
Привет, ребята!!!....все было просто чудесно......поздравляем вас с очередной медалью в вашей капилке)))...ждем вас домой....очень, очень любим!!!!!....
Катя [tadako@ukr.net] (28.03.2003):
ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ с ПОБЕДОЙ!!!!!! Очень-очень рада!
Аликс (28.03.2003):
Дорогой Леша! Дорогая Маша! ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ ВАС!! Вы молодцы!!! Всего хорошего! Целую вас.
Катя (27.03.2003):
ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ!! ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ!! Только радости желаю:)))))
Marina and Ira (26.03.2003):